🧘🏽 Yoga for Cyclist / BMX Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Cyclists is designed for cyclists but is a great full body practice for everyone. A well rounded practice that will leave you feeling present, stretched out and open. Relieve stress and tension in the neck, open the shoulders, the chest, the hips, the hamstrings, the feet. Activate through your core and learn to activate in all the places that support you through the spine, the center plumb-line. This practice invites you to really pay attention to the body in a way that will up your game in sport and in life. Physically, yes. But mentally too.

Gain awareness, practice listening and stretch the muscles in a way that supports active lifestyle. Don’t limit yourself. Use this practice to tap into what feels good.

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I’ve been dealing with incapacitating back pain from riding since I was 18. Sometimes it lasts for up to a week. It’s super frustrating as well as depressing to get perpetually laid up doing the thing you love when you’re not even eating shit and just doing your normal stuff. I’ve always followed the mindset that a strong core helps with lower back pain and it does but I recently discovered that two of the core workouts I’ve been doing the last 12 years have actually been making my lower back pain worse. After dealing with even more back pain than usual lately I went on an obsessive research spree looking up workouts and stretches to alleviate lower back pain only to discover that what I was doing was making things worse (Leg lifts and situps… don’t do toe touches either). I made this video to share all the things I’ve recently learned that are making me feel like I’m 15 again. It’s incredible and I’m so excited to share this with everyone. Feeling fully functional after dealing with incapacitating pain for over a decade is indescribable. Thanks for watching. -Ooti Billeaud

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Before starting any new workout out or therapy plan. Please consult your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist.

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