VIDEO: Raditudes – Decoy Jam and Dreamline Training – Ep 10 FINALE

In this season’s final episode of Raditudes, Hucker, Anthony, Bohan and friends are in England to visit Stonehenge, and get roadblocked by President Obama. Then it’s off to Devon for the Decoy Jam; a trails contest with an ’90’s twist. Meanwhile, back in California – Drew Bezanson shows his motocross roots at the track, and how it inspires him to prepare for the upcoming Dreamline contest.

Intro Music:
“Who Pinioned the Champs?”
Written and produced by Jeff Lucci
Performed by Jeff Lucci and Air is Human
Additional assistance from Pat Bryan and Josh Aptner
For more info and music inquiries visit

Watch Corey Bohan’s POV at Decoy Jam:

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