USA BMX releases the layout for the 2014 Grands track.


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After deciphering dozens of Salsa-stained napkin drawings, sketched out during post-National dinners at Chipotle’ over the last 4 or 5 months, track builder Bill Allen and National Director Bill Morris have decided on the track layout for the 2014 Grands
This year’s Tulsa build will see the start hill in the same location as last year, and should be about the same height. Length-wise, it will be right around 1,050 feet – nearly the same as 2013, which allowed for the running of 700+ motos on schedule.
The first two straight aways will also be laid out similar to 2013, but with the Pro and Am straights swapped. From there, things will get funky – as the Pro will encounter a berm jump, skyin’ over the Am turn, and leading them in to a large swooping left-hander. The next major obstacle is what the Build-crew called the “Dothan jump” – a criss-cross tabletop that has been made famous at Circle City BMX in Dothan, AL.
From there, both Pros and Ams will hit a mysterious Rhythm packed straightaway. We say that it is “mysterious” because until Bill Allen and the gang start dropping dirt in place, it’s a mystery as to what the rhythm will look like.
“I’d like to end it with some pretty big jumps,” said master track builder Billy Allen. “And we’ll probably use the off-camber centers between the jumps, like we did last year. That worked well for preventing any inside-line advantage.”
Other than those few hints, there will only be one way to find out exactly what The Grands track is like .. and that is, BE THERE.

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