Help the Elite Women raise money for equal payout!


Help the Elite women raise money for equal payout this year at the 2014 Grand Nationals. Our goal is to sell 600 t-shirts to raise money and give incentive for more girls to race in these key events! Your t-shirt will be delivered at Grands in Tulsa, OK on 11/28/14. All shirts needing to be shipped will be sent out by November 1st. Thank you for your support and remember we would like you to wear them proudly on Saturday night’s Pro Spectacular.

Here are the links to order your favorite Elite Womens t-shirt

This is the link to see all the shirts

Caroline Buchanan
Alaina Henderson…/ride-like-a-girl/alaina-henderson
Alise Post
Amanda Geving
Amelia Walsh
Baylie Kortman
Brooke Crain
Carley Young
Caroline Merryn…/ride-like-a-girl/caroline-buchanan
Dani George
Dominique Daniels…/ride-like-a-girl/dominique-daniels
Felicia Stancil
Keely Kortman
Lozza Bear
Madison Pitts
Mariana Pajon
Shanaze Reade
Shealen Reno
Shelby Stacy
Taylor Wolcott


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