Peninsula Indoor BMX


Since Eugene is not running an Indoor BMX, there may be some new riders from Oregon that may venture up to PeninsulaIndoor Bmx in Port Orchard, WA for some BMX racing this winter.

Just wanted to provide a heads up that almost all tracks in Washington use the “Total Points” system for racing at local single points events for every class. This is means that every rider races all three rounds, just like for a 3 rider class. Olympic Scoring, last round is tie breaker, etc.

The exceptions are: Any class that has more than 8 riders & any multi-point race will use 2 moto transfer. Further, some tracks choose to use the 2 moto transfer system on certain week nights in the summer. There are other exceptions, but I wont get into details. At Peninsula Indoor BMX, if it is a single points race, it will be total points for every class, up to 8 riders.

Peninsula Indoor BMX is located at 5867 Dogwood Road SE Port Orchard WA 98367. We are open November – March and race every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and practice on Wednesday’s.

For more information visit our website at


All information and images from Peninsula Indoor BMX.

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