Riderzmeeting.com was created for BMX track operators as an easy way to inform riders of pertanant information regarding races held on a regular schedule. We, being racers, parents, and volunteers understand that some tasks are best automated! So we created a way for riders and parents to get all of the information they need at once and in a clear and efficient manner.

We also believe that our recordings offer a way to not only inform parents and riders of information about weekly races but also a way of advertising sponsors to the racing community. BMX exists in many ways by the offerings of businesses who not only wish to contribute to the exciting and unique sport of BMX but also wish to use the BMX track as a place to advertise goods and services. Riderzmeeting.com understands this and provides another way for businesses to advertise in exchange for cash, labor, and even equipment. This, in turn, enables tracks to pull in more resources to keep events running.

If you desire to create your own custom announcements please let us know how we can help. We can put together custom announcements with your custom script!

Our service combines the usage of professionally created music by SPEKTRAL MUSIC. Spektral Music has partnered with riderzmeeting.com because of their love of the sport of BMX. SPEKTRAL believes in creating a product for riderzmeeting.com that will enhance the quality and cultural relevancy of BMX. Kids love their music! Hearing great sounding modern music under the rules and regulations voiceover on a riderzmeeting.com announcement is a great way for kids to perk up their ears and listen!

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