Medford BMX looking for new board members for 2015 season


Spring is near and we need your help to open and run the track this year. We have many empty positions on the board that need to be filled or we run the chance of not racing this year.

Interested folks must pay for and pass the required USABMX background check to be eligible.

Currently up for grabs are the positions of Track Operator, Race director, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also two rider representative positions that are available.

Job descriptions

President – Preside at all meetings,appoint chairman of standing committees with approval of other club officers, to appoint special committees, to serve as ex-official member of all committees and attend committee meetings, represent the club as spokesman or negotiator at all functions in which the club participates.

Vice President – Perform Presidential duties during the Presidents absence or inability to act, To assist the President with his/her duties, to attend committee meetings as designated by the President, to serve as annual Awards Banquette Chairman.

Secretary – Keep accurate records of all club and Board of Directors meetings and present them when designated, Completes club correspondence when assigned, To record and acknowledge non-monetary donations, serves as Presiding officer in the absence of both the President and Vice President, to attend meetings as requested by the President.

Treasurer – Receives and holds in trust all money belonging to the club, Keep complete and accurate records of all club receipts and expenditures, to draw checks for all club expenditures and verify that they are signed by authorized club officer, to submit monthly financial reports to committee members.

Race Director – Designates adequate personnel to assure smooth, safe race operation and track preparation for events, has complete control of all staging personnel, officials, scorers and participants at all events, hears arguments and makes final decisions regarding points of protest, conducts rider and bicycle safety inspections at each race and conducts new riders meetings, oversees all track maintenance, to designate an alternate Race Director to serve at races in the event of his absence.

Rider Representative – Serves as voting representative of the riders, hears rider complaints and suggestions and takes issues up with the Board of Directors, offers collective input of riders as to track improvements and improved track operations.

Track Operator – Promotes BMX, makes racing enjoyable and maintains friendly relations with racers and their families, trains and oversees registrars, trains and oversees scorers, assists Race Director in selecting and training track officials, pays sanction, membership, and insurance fees, orders trophies and awards, pays bills related to track maintenance, submits all official paperwork to the sanctioning body, retains records of all races and final scores, maintains correspondence with the sanctioning body, represents the track in business negotiations, maintains first aid kit at track, verifies all registration and membership fees with the Treasurer.

So there are the jobs that need to be done – are you willing and able??

Please let us know via Facebook message or by contacting one of the officers or by email at or

Medford BMX Facebook

Track Phone: (541-621-1190)
Primary Contact: Eric Lindorf
Address: Highland Drive, Medford, Oregon

How To Find Us:
We are located just east of I5 exit #27. Take highland east to Greenwood & turn left into Bear Creek Park Parking lot.


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