VIDEO: BMXLiveTV – Top 10 Moments of All Time

Number 10

The introduction of the 40ft starting hill for the BMX SX event in San Jose 2005

Number 9

The introduction of the Women’s SX event in Beijing 2007

Number 8

Arielle Martin wins her first BMX SX event in Chula Vista 2011

Number 7

Derek Betcher wins the BMX SX Downhill event in 2004 at Camp Woodward

Number 6

0.0002 second photo finish at Randaberg Supercross in 2012. Australian Sam Willoughby vs American Connor Fields. See who takes the win.

Number 5

Maris Strombergs wins the Papendal SX event in 2012 coming from lane 8

Number 4

Alise Post clears the triple into the 1st berm in Papendal to take the lead and hold on to take the win

Number 3

Sam Willoughby goes from 4th to 1st on a rainy Papendal track to take the win

Number 2

Nic long comes from the back of the pack to win the Chula Vista World Cup event in 2010

Number 1

The main event from London 2011, with Marc Willers taking the win

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