Elliot Van Orman Productions 2015 Reel

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“Elliot Van Orman Productions 2015 Reel”
My HD film reel that showcases several BMX film projects I shot in 2014 and 2015 in the states of Michigan and Washington USA. In Memory of Glenn Salyers.

Song- “My Life, My Love”
Artist: Family and Friends
Licensed @ musicbed.com

My Mom and Dad for all of their support, Jerome Beeler Van Orman, Ted Van Orman, John Donald, Dan Closser, Jeremy Ball, Jared Ball, Glenn Salyers, Brandon Dosch, Kyle Barnhart, Sonny Goodman, Jimmy LeVan, Darin Read, Sabin, Lucas Chalcraft, Leanne Bice, Alex Salerno, Casey Shea, Ryan Wert, Glenn Skowronek, The State of Michigan, The State of Washington, musicbed.com, All the riders, and everyone who helped make this film possible.
-(Elliot Gray Van Orman)


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