Building A Champion – Part 1: Caroline Buchanan – ODI Grips

Building A Champion – Part 1: #68 Caroline Buchanan

In less than a month BMX athletes from around the world will step onto the world’s largest stage in Rio and leave it all on the line in the hopes of securing the title of Olympic Champion. You have seen many of them on the track and have looked up to them on the podium. But have you ever wondered what happens off the track to prepare them for those 40 seconds of all out exertion? What does it take to compete at the highest level against the most formidable opponents the world has to offer? We asked some of the top Olympic contenders to pull back the curtain and show the blood, sweat and determination that goes into earning the right to stand on the top step and be declared a Champion.
Caroline has spent the last 8 years training for the Olympic games. After coming up short in London, she has rededicated herself to training and winning with an impressive series of championships worldwide over the last year. Now she is back and stronger than ever and ready to reclaim what she feels was her’s 4 years ago.

By: ODI Grips
Location: Rockwell Training Facility.
Filmed by: Justin Kosman

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