2016 USA BMX – DK Gold Cup NW


Gold Cup Championship (Regional Championship)

The Gold Cup is broken up into six U.S. regions – Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, North Central and South Central. A rider will count his/her best 2 Gold Qualifier scores plus scores from Saturday & Sunday at the Gold Finals. In addition to awarding a jacket and #1 plate to the winner in each age & skill level, USABMX will award Gold Cup #2 & #3 plates. Since points are kept for each age & skill level, it does not matter if your class makes at the Gold Final event – offering every rider a better chance at becoming a Gold Champion! In addition, both Saturday and Sunday at the Finals, will earn a rider quadruple district points!


• Oregon

Gold Cup Qualifier Triple
May 01, 2016
Smith Rock BMX – Redmond, OR

Gold Cup Qualifier / State Race Triple
May 22, 2016
Umpqua Valley BMX – Dillard, OR

• Washington

Gold Cup Qualifier Triple
April 23, 2016
Peninsula Indoor BMX – Port Orchard, WA

Gold Cup Qualifier / State Race Triple
May 29, 2016
Columbia Basin BMX – Richland, WA

Gold Cup Qualifier / State Race Triple
August 06, 2016
North Seatac BMX – Sea Tac, WA

• NW Gold Cup Finals
September 16-18, 2016
Emerald Valley BMX – Eugene, OR


These are the dates currently posted at USABMX.com.

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