Geer Park Master Plan Update: Take-Aways from Survey #1 & Next Step

Thank you to everyone who visited the Geer Park virtual open house and took the first online survey. The City received input from many stakeholders, including over 350 survey responses.

We heard seven key take-aways:

• Geer Park is loved for its location, the bike park, and the walking trails.
• People prefer to keep and expand the trail system and natural areas.
• Many survey responses indicated a lack of excitement for more ballfields.
• There is a strong desire to maintain a balance between natural areas and highly programmed sports fields.
• No one layout option resonated with the public.
• People preferred park facilities that could be used by a variety of individuals, families, and age ranges.
• Accessibility is important.

Learn more about the survey results.

Next Online Survey Available in September

The project team is preparing three design options for the undeveloped areas of the park. This work is guided by the feedback we have received so far.

You will be invited to review and comment on design options through a second online survey and virtual open house. The second survey will be available from September 19 to October 3, 2020.

Project Resources

Visit the new Geer Park planning page on for the latest information about the project.

Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested. New participants can subscribe to this e-mail list using this sign-up form.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Rob Romanek at

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