BB&B BMX Podcast: Ep.10 Sam Willoughby – No Introduction Needed. Deadset Aussie Legend

Our fledgling podcast has finally cracked 10 episodes and what a way to celebrate by having Sam Willoughby dial in via the Pacific telegraph line to give the boys the lowdown on his stellar career, from where it started, to the day he looped out just weeks after the Rio Olympic games, and beyond, as we uncover what a true fighter this Aussie BMX legend is. With Khalen and Sam sharing the Olympic stage in London, where one grabbed a silver medal, and the other tasted the grimy Pommy dust, there’s a shared history to delve into and the insights into how these two approached BMX racing at it’s highest level is golden, from USABMX Pro titles to the Olympics. We get deep into mindset, and how Sam’s processes saw him win multiple rainbow jerseys, including both his Junior Elite years of 2008 and 2009. But this is only the start.We also get deep into the current situation of elite racing here in Australia and the decline of depth at this level. We explore the differences of culture from when these boys were firing, to the sad situation of having just one male place at the recent Tokyo games. From coaching to mentors, from family to mates, we find out what makes this champion tick.

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