BB&B BMX Podcast ~ Ep.11 Nic Long – At Long Last!

Yeah, it took a while for the next episode to drop, but we’re busy dudes. Between being full-time BMX Pros and modelling commitments, the BB&B boys are busy! But in this episode we Zoom in USABMX legend, and 2x Olympian, Nic Long, as he gives us the skinny on what you give away when you switch to flats. From one foot slingshots, to pulling the foot off that crucial 2nd pedal, Nic doesn’t paint a pretty picture when it comes to running flat pedals in Vet Pro on the USABMX circuit, but he’s dedicated to keeping it OG. And we got plenty of love for that!Tune in to hear what makes this veteran tick and what it was like to have Khalen as your team mate back when KY was digging trenches down the dirt ABA start hills instead of digging them for Twiggy. Beware, there’s some cuss words mamma.

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