BB&B Podcast: Ep.12 Dale Holmes – English BMX Royalty (OBE in Waiting)

We welcome our old mate Dale Holmes to the podcast this episode for a right old rambling about his teleportation from damp and dreary England to the sunshine of California, and his time as a Pro rider in the 90’s and across into the new millennia. Khalen has history with Dale and we discuss the path that Pros took BITD as they camped on floors and couches before signing contracts that afforded them the opportunity to purchase palatial mansions in California, complete with wings dedicated to stashing their fat BMX cheques in! Relive the good old times of MSN message boards and good ole fashioned beef, with Khalen upsetting the stiff upper lip of the Pommies.
Plus we lift the lid and have a good sniff of the current scene as the boys discuss the paradox of multimillion dollar facilities being built, while race winning cheques haven’t moved in 40 years. Talk about deflation! Listen in and hear Khalen drop that he wants to hit the Grands and touch up the Mosquito and Bazza. Boy oh boy, he better get on that #sprintblock! We’re all over the place like a 51 novice off a 5m hill, but boy we had a laugh.

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