BB&B Podcast: Ep.13 The Warlock – Warwick Stevenson

This episode the BB&B crew chat the boy that went from Minto all the way to the ABA Pro Championship title and along the way banked well over $200K (USD) per annum in the good years, all from BMX racing. That’s close to the entire Aussie HP race budget in 2022! A chance meeting with UK legend, and now USA head coach, Jamie Staff, ignited a dream for Warwick of heading to America to race BMX and he tells his story of working and banking every spare cent to scrape together the airfare, then surfing couches and working for the ABA to get himself going in the US. From his battles with Luke Madill here in Oz as a 14 year old, to winning the Elite World Championship, this episode is another story of Aussie grit and a BMX dream fulfilled. Warwick chats about his heroes growing up, pivotal career moments when you first beat the champ and stories of the god times as a top USA Pro in the sport. It’s a long one, and a few adult themes as usual, but a great history lesson of the years from the early 90s to the mid 2000s. Sit back and crack a Tooheys New, we really enjoyed this one.

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