BB&B Podcast: Ep. 19 ~ Mid-Worlds 2022 Live from Nantes

Well, not really live because we didn’t get on the AC gravy train and score a #francefreebie!It’s Friday and the Challenge Class riders are all but run and done so the Boys get down to talk Elite prospects. But only the male….. Why? Are they about to be cancelled? No, it’s because KY needed to run off and do sprints and work on dropping a few kegs in his attempt at the #2022aussies. Sorry girls, we love ya, but we were rushed in order to get this podcast out because our social media team are saying the metrics are better if we drop this prior to the Elite racing.

Salty drops #Revelbrewing a few times in an attempt to score free beer, and finally gives a shoutout to the LUXBMX warehouse crew coz they’re a pack of GCs. Entertaining? Debateable. Factual? Barely. BMX? Got that covered.

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