Lane 8 Podcast: Elliot McGrath, the quiet storm

Elliot McGrath is from New Hope, Minnesota. He’s considered a BMX legend in the state of 10,000 lakes.

Elliot first started riding bikes with his brothers by making jumps. And then he got his chance at the old Rehbeins indoor track that was in a barn in Lino Lakes. By the time Elliot was 14 he was on tour with Stile Industries. He says his class was really hard with Corben Sharrah, Conner Fields, Tory Nyhaug to Tommy Zula. He credits the class for him becoming a better rider. At 15 Elliot took a break from racing. Eventually he would return motivated. He eventually turned pro after missing out on an amateur title. Racing A pro went well. But when he went AA the competition was much stiffer. His last sponsor as a pro was Staats. His last race was a little over 2yrs ago in Sarasota, Florida. Elliot says he’s retired but interested in racing some vet pro races.

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