Lane 8 Podcast: Shawn Wade, hard work is the norm.

Shawn Wade is an Illinois native. He didn’t start racing until he was 15. Before he got on the bike he raced motorcycles. He grew up at motorcycle tracks watching his family race. Shawn’s first BMX race was Mother’s Day 2001. The first 15 years of his racing career he only raced class and not cruisers. But, as fate would have it he’s known as a cruiser guy. Wade credits his success to simple hard work. He’s says once he started lifting weights it was a game changer for results on the track. He’s now racing 36040 cruiser and it’s been a challenge. His 1st national this year was Nashville and he took a beating. But that thing called hard work has seen Shawn come on strong. In this interview you’ll learn about why he doesn’t race class, how he got into music and riding for Alpha factory team.

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