Lane 8 Podcast: Dr. Jason Richardson, from BMX, Educator to Sports Psychologist

Dr. J Rich started racing soon after his brother started. In fact they even shared a bike to race until one Christmas in Las Vegas. Their dad bought a Torker and a GT as presents. Jason’s brother was really good. He was win Grands at 14 expert good. He says it took him a minute to find his feet. His dad didn’t take him serious until he started training on a regular basis. One of his first big factory sponsors was Auburn. One day a van showed up at his house and Todd Corbitt had all the factory goodies. Jason even went on a summer tour with them. Jason turned pro his senior year of high school. He says he turned pro just to say he raced pro. He went to college and continued racing. Phoenix, Arizona was his break through race as an A pro. By El Paso Jason says he bumped himself up to AA pro. He eventually left Auburn and went to TNT, Giant and a plethora of other sponsors. Jason graduated and eventually retires but not before he wins a Pan Am Gold medal. He gets his MBA and by 2010 he’s got his doctorate. In 2012 he’s working with athletes at the Olympics.
Since then Dr. J Rich has done some commentating, written a couple of books and he’s even started racing again as an amateur. Healthy Lifestyle Solutions with Maya AcostaAre you ready to upgrade your health to a new level and do so by learning from experts…Listen on: Apple Podcasts

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