Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Robert De Wilde, “a.k.a. Afro Bob.”

Robert De Wilde started racing at 5 years old in 1982. His local track was Kampen, a city in the Netherlands. A friend from school dragged him out to the track. He joined the club at the track. He credits the coach at that track for helping him become an all-around racer. Robert says he saw himself as a pack rider in his early years as an amateur. He says it was a blessing because it taught him how to race. BMX fit Roberts personality. He says he’s not a team player and enjoyed the individual aspect of the sport, the creativity, and speed. Over the span of his career “Afro Bob” was Dutch national champion no less than six times, World Champion twice, European Champion twice. He turned pro at 21 years old in 1999. During his career he raced for GT, Giant bicycles, Staats, Troy Lee Design, Maxxis, and Redline. Afro Bob retired at 35. He’s been a stay at home dad for years and helps out at Bellflower Bmx track. Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast Welcome to the Fit, Healthy and Happy Podcast hosted by Josh and Kyle from Colossus…Listen on: Apple Podcasts

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