Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Fede Villegas, Argentinian on a mission

Fede Villegas is from Mendoza, Argentina. Racing Bmx was a family affair, his uncle used to race along with his brothers. He says he was super competitive when he started. His parents had to remind him to have fun at Bmx. Fede says looking back he was more of a power rider who till this day still focuses on his skill. He says racing in Argentina is much different than racing here in the U.S. Villegas says Argentina doesn’t have as many tracks as we do here in the states. Plus, most folks race nationals and there isn’t much local or state races in his home country. Thanks the Argentinian national team he got a chance to do some international races. His first major sponsor happened when he was a junior. He was sponsored by a DK distributor.

Then as an elite he began riding for Crupi. During his time with Crupi he was able to design a frame for the company. He’s now riding for Rift, Tangent Products, Rock Star Energy, Fly racing, and Restorative cbd. In 2021 Villegas decided to move to the U.S. full time. Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast Welcome to the Fit, Healthy and Happy Podcast hosted by Josh and Kyle from Colossus…Listen on: Apple Podcasts Spotify The Podcast for Men’s Mental HealthBetter mental and physical health starts by talking about it.

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