Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Drew Motley, a true competitor

In this episode I interview Drew Motley. We talk about what got him interested in racing. Drew had his first race in St. Louis, Missouri. He turned expert at 15 and struggled. He wasn’t used to the physicality of the racing. Drew eventually moved to Florida from Illinois. He says he tired of being cold and I can’t blame him. He says the move helped him make a shift in how he looks at his competitors. It’s also a time when Drew and his wife Lisa, began running teams. They started with Morphine, then Yess, and now Hydrogen. You can expect frames before Grands. Drew is one of the top 51 and over experts in the country. He’s approachable, chill, and a serious competitor. Holistic Life NavigationThis podcast explores how to heal stress & trauma holistically. I am your host, Luis…Listen on: Apple Podcasts

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