Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Kyle Evans, the peoples champ

Kyle Evans grew up in a family who loved motorcycles. From the time he could walk he was on a motorcycle. He even became national champ. But finances were tight and his dad sat him down and told him he had helped him as far as he could and that he needed to attract a big time sponsor to continue. Things didn’t work out but Kyle kept riding his motorcycle. Kyle discovered BMX while out riding with his dad and being chased by the cops. While hiding out from the cops they noticed a BMX track and went over to check it out. They went over to the track and ran into Paddy Sharrock and his dad. Kyle ended up riding the night out and never looked back. Kyle lives to ride his bike. Even now that he’s retired the feeling hasn’t changed. But that love of riding is what helped him progress in BMX. He literally rode parks, the streets, and tracks in the area. He says as an amateur he never won a U.K. national, European round, and only went to one worlds as a junior in Copenhagen. But when he turned elite that all changed. Kyle began to win European rounds, making podiums at world cups, winning nationals, and eventually becoming European champion. Kyle says he retired a few years back because the path to the Tokyo Olympics was unclear. From there he built tracks, worked for the UCI, and now is back home with British Cycling.

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