Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Jason St. Romain, a life long racer

Jason St. Romain is Louisiana native. He was raised in New Orleans but now live in the Baton Rouge area. His first bike race actually wasn’t a BMX race but something like a cyclocross race. He finished paying off his Auburn that he had on layaway and started racing unsanctioned races. Jason says he wasn’t very good and it took him a while to win a trophy. He eventually turned expert when he was 18. By the time Jason was 20 he was pro. He and a friend agreed to turn pro after the NBL Grands on year and that’s what he did. His first pro race was in Florida. Jason was pro from 2000-2006. He reclassified when his son was born. In this episode Jason and I talk about racing as older men, joining Claiborne with his son and racing Grands in 2022.

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