Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Mrs. Kittie, over seven decades young

Mrs. Kittie says she got started racing in Bmx on a dare from her son. Her first race was the Mother’s Day race in 1988 at a track in Iowa. She didn’t but she was hooked on Bmx ever since. When Mrs. Kittie started her journey into Bmx she was going on 40 years old. Around that time Iowas had seven tracks. Soon the family would venture out to neighboring states to compete. Here’s the thing, at the time there were no women’s classes so she raced with the men. At the time Mrs. Kittie primarily raced NBL in and around the DesMoines, Iowa area. She not only raced NBL but she got involved in the board and was at one time volunteer of the year. One of her biggest accomplishments was helping to start the 80/35 BMX track. On average Mrs. Kittie races 50-60 times a year. Plus she’s done every Grands since 1990. And
this is a woman who has had both hips and knees replaced. At 75 years old this former teacher and principal doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

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