🇦🇺 BB&B Podcast: Ep.26 The Other Side

“Look, it’s potentially life threatening, but go race, and we’ll get you checked over when you get back.” This episode is a little dark as the boys talk about the loss of Jade, and a couple of other mates who are facing
a battle from their own losses or illness.
Fucking life eh! Salty gets a reality check from his doc a couple of weeks out from the Aussies, and gets some sobering news from the pump doctor on his return, “cut back on the beers for a few weeks until we throw that body on the dyno.” Does he take his advice? Or change cardiologist? Tune in and you won’t be surprised to learn that the boys are both thankful for their massive extended BMX family who pick us up when real life rears its head and reminds us that we only get one lap, so make the most of it.
Warning: Themes of blood pressure and cholesterol are talked about. And maybe a little AC niggle.

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