Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Tyler Smith, a fighter never quits

Tyler Smith didn’t make it to Grands in 2022. He was injured. He went from leading 26-35 expert to finishing off the year N.A.G. #8. He’s philosophical about the situation. Tyler says it was supposed to be his last race. Instead it has given him motivation to continue to race and eventually race Vet Pro. His focus is clearly on Worlds 2024. Tyler started racing when he was 11-years-old and he never really stopped. The Georgia native living in Florida has ridden for some iconic BMX teams over the years. He’s ridden for Haro/Promax, Answer Squared, Throwdown to currently hitting the tracks wearing Corsa Wear and 110% Nutrition. This season Tyler expects to race a lot criss crossing the country before turning pro again. This interview was a lot of fun and Tyler is a great story teller. I hope you enjoy.

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