Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Michael Bias, a kiwi racing in France

Michael Bias is somewhat of anomaly when it comes to New Zealand BMX. He spends his entire season racing in France for BMX Besancon. It was Michael’s dream to race in France and now he’s living the dream. His teammates include the reigning u23 World Champ Leo Garoyan to Jeremy Rencurel. Michael is getting the opportunity to race Euro Cups, the Coup de France, and World Cups. If you’ve never heard of the first two race series just recognize they are very tough. 2023 is an important year for Michael when it comes to chasing Olympic points. So racing World Cups and other qualifying races will be at the top of his list. I spoke with Michael when he was back home in New Zealand on a break. By the time you listen to this episode he will be back in France for his team presentation plus preparing for the coming season.

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