Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Brandon Roharik, Ohio legend.

Brandon Roharik started learning how to ride a bike at 4 years old. His uncle used to race in Florida so he eventually ended up on a BMX track. At first Brandon wasn’t really into the racing side of things. What hooked him on riding and improving his skills was some trails down the road from his house. He says those trails truly helped him improve. In fact he still rides those trails to this day. When he did hit a track to race he says Ohio racing was tough. So tough it was hard for him to move up to expert. Brandon eventually began killing it locally in races. He began venturing out to nationals. At 17 years old he got picked up by All-Tow factory team. He began traveling. One year he says he missed 40 days of school because of all the travel. Brandon says getting on Standard changed his mindset on racing. He says he was dealing with a bit of burnout. Brandon says Standard gave him the opportunity to not f worry about team sheets to being able to ride what he wanted. Brandon turned pro with Standard. He says his first race was Powder Springs and it was rough. Brandon says it took him a while to feel comfortable where he was at. At the moment he’s in a transition phase of his pro career. He’s in nursing school, doing some coaching and looking forward to the Vet Pro class.

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