Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Taylor Riedemann is back in the building

Taylor is back to racing. He took a four year break to explore life, build a career, and plan his future with his fiancé. Four months ago after getting the itch to race again he did just that. He dusted off his old Haro and hit the track. Taylor say the conditioning is the hardest part but when it comes to skill it’s like he never left. He’s been racing the “Fire and Ice Series,” at Rum River Bmx in Minnesota. It’s a super competitive season long series that actually draws talent from across the country. Taylor says he started racing in 2004 at the age of 6 at Rum River. He says it took him several years to move from novice to expert. His first big team was Mike’s Bike’s, then Shield Team Storm, and eventually on to Haro Promax and Factory WIAWIS. In 2017 he won a cruiser world title. The Cambridge, Minnesota native says he’s back to racing strictly for the fun in the 21-25 expert class. And the possibility to mentor young riders while racing for “Black Widow Racing.”

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