Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Danny Caluag, he’s not done with BMX

Danny Caluag says he got started in BMX because of his neighbors. He. says coming from team sports he loved the individuality of BMX. Danny says clinics helped with his progression in BMX. He says BMX didn’t come naturally to him. Danny is one of the few people I’ve interviewed to say local racing helped him make a seamless transition to racing nationals. In 1999 Danny got his first factory ride 13 years old. He says the offer came after he crashed at Grands and knocking himself out. Danny says the best advice he could give a kid about riding factory is believe in yourself. He says one his crowning achievements is
being Nag 1 in cruiser, in class, and NBL. In 2005 Danny turned pro. He turned pro at a time where the field was loaded. Think about it, Christophe Leveque,
Bubba Harris to Kyle Bennett. His first race as a pro was Phoenix. He didn’t win. By the beginning 2006 Danny was AA pro. Danny actually went to school then quit and went back to school while racing as a pro. After nearly quitting BMX in 2011 the Philippines reached out to him to help with racing the Olympics and that’s exactly what he did in 2012. Currently Danny is living in Kentucky with his wife and kids. He’s working as a full time nurse and going to school for his masters. He’s even planning to try and make the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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