🎙 Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Jack Davis, Aussie on a mission

Jack Davis got into BMX through a friend and his dad. He says he was good right from the start. He says it was the speed and the jumps that got him hooked. Davis is originally from Tamworth, New South Wales. What is Tamworth famous for? Country music. In his career so far Jack has won two state titles and two national titles. When he was young Jack describes himself as a power rider. He says his dad had him in the weight room at quite a young age. He credits his family’s move to Canada with helping him work on his skills. Since it snows 6 months out of the year he says his mom would take him to an indoor bike park in Toronto to ride. At the moment Jack is living in the Tampa, Florida area racing and training. He says he would be nowhere without the support and love of his family.

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