Vans BMX – Roaming in the NorthWest


The Northwest of the United States stands for its nature with mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, the Pacific Ocean…. and for their outstanding parks and bowls.
After an amazing venture to the State of Oregon in 2014, we wanted to return to the land of the pioneers, but take it en route to the north this time and explore Washington State. Yet again, it´s the simple things in life that matter, accompanied by some good humans. No hotel beds, no hot showers, no electricity for 9 days and nights, just some dudes in campfire-stinking, filthy looking clothes on bikes and with big smiles on their faces.
So sit back, grab a beer and slow down – join us for some moments in the outdoors.
And after reading, buy a tent and get out there!

Riders: Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Maxime Charveron, Greg Illingworth and Ollie Shields.

Film & Edit: Alex “Mayol“ Baret

UNCUT / shrouds
MOSES LUSTER / hollywood’s black heart

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