Alise and Sam get their Rio bikes!

the biggest sporting event of the summer just around the corner, we wanted to stoke out our riders with new bikes. We also made them a couple of custom backpacks we collaborated with Chrome on.

THANK YOU to all the people and companies that made these builds possible.

RL Product Manager
Evan Moss – RL Graphics
Kaz K – IRC Tires
Daniel Orellana – Onyx
Poppa Post – Onyx
TJ Johnson – Tangent
Chris Glew – Lizard Skins
Zach Taylor – Alienation
Jiri – Bombshell
Kai Cheng – Tioga
Bentley – KMC
ODI Grips
Michael Gamestetter – Box
Tim Daniels – TLD
Justin Kosman – Photos and Videos

Good luck Sam and Alise!

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