UCI BMX Supercross: Santiago del Estero, Argentina – LIVE Feed

🌐 Dan’s Comp Preview Show

🚦Scheduled for Sep 15, 2017
Santiago del Estero plays host to round 5 and 6 of the UCI Supercross World Cup Tour 2017. Join Pete Dylewski, your host, as he takes you round and track, and talks to the riders during practice day.

🌐 Round 5

🚦Scheduled for Sep 16, 2017
Round 5 visits the popular track in Santiago del Estern in Northern Argentina. Dr. Jason Richardson and Shanaze Reade take you through the racing in the penultimate round on tour. Pete Dylewski is in the pits taking you behind the scenes with the riders.

🌐 Round 6

🚦Scheduled for Sep 17, 2017
The 6th and final round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Tour is in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Join Pete Dylewski, Jason Richardson and Shanaze Read who take you through the day’s events.

🌐 http://www.UCI.ch/BMX/

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