2018 BMX Canada National Series

I know that many of you were waiting on the 2018 BMX Canada National Series and the Gold Cup Series schedules. While we are diligently working to get the Gold Cup Series locked in for 2018, we do have the dates confirmed for the BMX Canada National Series. We’ve got some changes coming for 2018 with regards to the BMX Canada National Series as a result of feedback, and we’re happy to try new things in response to that feedback. Therefore, let’s get into what’s new in the series for 2018:
Riders must have a minimum of four (4) national scores to earn a CNAG plate. While this rule was implemented for both BMX Canada and USA BMX, it was most applicable in Canada where the CNAG plates are sorted by proficiency first. Now, any rider with less than 4 scores coming into the Grands will be sorted below riders with 4 or more. This was a great suggestion that came from Intermediate riders that supported the series and yet lost out on a CNAG plate previously.

Speaking of proficiencies and CNAG rankings, beginning in 2018 – there will be no voluntarily move-ups the entire weekend of the BMX Canada Grands. The Expert riders battle all season long to get scores to take into the Grands, so allowing only advancements that happen through wins levels that playing field.

For riders in Eastern Canada, we will count the East Coast Nationals in Trumbull, CT as an eligible event towards the BMX Canada National Series. This will bring parity in the number of scores available to riders in Eastern Canada. We will see how this works for 2018 before determining whether this is a long-term solution. On the West Coast, the Harbour City Nationals on Vancouver Island will become a 3-day national, which will mean riders from Western and Eastern Canada can get an opportunity for 10 nationals to count towards their best 6 CNAG scores heading into the Grands if they make the trip to Chilliwack.

To better assist the announcers and scorers, CNAG and CNAT riders will be required to run a maple leaf on their number plate if they are using a non-issued plate (the BMX Canada staff will provide them, if needed).

Finally, we will be requiring the use of side plates at national events beginning in July 2018. Many riders who attended the UCI Worlds this year in Rock Hill, South Carolina might have seen “side plates” for the first time in their BMX career, but they make the jobs of the stagers, starter and scorers MUCH easier. The July deadline will give number plate manufacturers time to stock up on side plates in advance of this requirement going into effect.

In terms of policy changes, trophy slips will need to be exchanged for the award (trophy or Saver Stamps) prior to the conclusion of that event. While riders have always picked up their trophy or plaque at each event, many would keep their trophy slips to redeem for Saver Stamps at another national event. Now, that trophy slip will need to be redeemed for either a trophy or Saver Stamps at the event it was earned.

Another policy change will affect riders that pull out of an event prior to the close of sign ups. Beginning in 2018, refunds will be issued rather than a credit. Refunds will be issued based on your method of payment for that event.


Of course everyone is waiting for the schedule, so here it is:


We are excited about the changes and look forward to a great 2018 season. For those of you coming down to Tulsa, we’ll see you in a few weeks!


Brad Hallin & Chris Luna


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