Niek Kimmann: Olympic athletes interviewed Episode 5: “It’s not the results I race for, it’s…”

Niek Kimmann, BMX Supercross Rider, Junior World Champion 2014, Senior World Champion 2015, and Olympian 2016 discusses
– His darkest moment as an athlete 00:00:26
– His best moment 00:03:57
– What advice would he give the younger Niek Kimmann 00:05:07
– The habits that make him a successful person 00:05:44
– How his dad made him work to get to the junior world championship 00:07:28
– His morning routine 00:10:24
– How he prepares for important moments in competitions 00:11:50
– How does Niek Kimmann overcome setbacks 00:16:47
– Who is his role model 00:21:04
– What is the best advice he received, and who gave it to him 00:22:23
– How does a typical training day look 00:27:27

Summary of the interview with Niek Kimmann:

In his interview, Niek Kimmann reveals that he fell in love with BMX from a very young age and that by the tender age of 9 he was already skipping birthday parties so that he could rest well and prepare for BMX sporting events.

He believes in working hard and staying humble, qualities that he inherited from his parents who are farmers.

It’s obvious that his hard work paid off since he is an elite BMX Supercross rider who qualified for the Rio Olympics 2016.

However, his experience in Rio 2016 was not without difficulties as he crashed in the semis and fell from his bike, which broke in pieces.

Did he give up then? Absolutely not.

Niek recalls how even in pain he managed to get up and had to walk across the finish line since he was in too much pain to even run across it; because of that he got the point he needed to qualify for the Olympic final. His grit and determination paid off.

With these accomplishments at such a young age, Niek disclosed that he had reached the point where he was no longer motivated and was wondering what was next after all these achievements.

But with help, he managed to find a way to become motivated again, he focused on his love for the sport and the enjoyment that he gets from it.

Setting goals and visualizing them has helped him as an athlete, Niek often writes his goals on paper and put them in various places where he can see them from time to time which helps him to always keep them in mind. This was something that his dad instilled in him from a young age, and it has continued to serve well up until this point.

When it comes to setbacks and failures the athlete has learned that it doesn’t really help to get upset and angry, something which he used to do. Instead, he now keeps in mind that there will be other races where he can learn from mistakes and improve on his performance.

Niek Kimmann chooses to focus on the bigger picture instead of small setbacks.

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