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I am confused about how the District Awards are distributed. How do I know if I am eligible to receive one?

The Year-End awards are distributed as such:

If there are less than 100 riders in your respective district then only the top 10% of the riders will receive a jacket. Ex: If there are only 20 girls in a district, then only the top two girls would receive a jacket. If there are only 2 riders in the district, the rider in 1st would receive a jacket.

If there are exactly 100 riders in a district, the top ten will each receive a district jacket.
If there were more than 100 riders in a district, then riders 1-10 would receive a custom jacket and the remainder of the riders in the top 10% would receive medallions. Ex: There are 150 Boys in a district. Riders #1-10 would earn jackets, and riders #11-15 would earn medallions.

Every single #1 rider will receive custom jacket They also receive a special commemorative District #1 plate.

How to I order/request my district jacket size?

When the year end rankings have been tabulated, riders that earned a jacket will have a red jersey icon next to their name. Click on that and it will take you to an online form.


My age is showing up wrong on the website, why?

The age listed online for district points is the age that rider will be at the end of the USABMX racing season as of December 15th. Any rider with a birthday before then will be listed at the next higher age.

The age listed online for state and gold cup points will be the rider’s age at their respective State or Gold Cup final.

The age listed online for National and NAG points will be the rider’s age the first day of the Grand Nationals – Saturday’s date.

If the birth date printed on your membership card is incorrect, then you will need to submit a copy of your birth certificate to the Membership Department.

Why aren’t my points being updated?

We enter the races as we receive them from the tracks. During the peak season from May through October it can take any where from 2-3 weeks to post on the website. The “Points Updated” date on the website does not mean that all of the races were included through that date. It only shows the last date that we posted new points on the website.

In order to check to see which races have been posted in the current update, please take a look at the Online Racelist . If you do not see the race dates listed, it means we have not input them yet. If you do see the races posted and you still feel your points are off, please contact the Membership Department –

How long does it take to post the races on the USABMX website?

Races are not entered in “real time”. The moto sheets have to be sent in to the main office where they are processed and given to membership to hand key in all of the membership applications and all of the motos. Some tracks send the races in via US or Canadian Post, those take as long as the mail agency takes. Other tracks send in the data to us digitally and we receive that the next day. The website is updated for the most part on a daily basis, check the race list to see which races have been entered. We hand key in the races in order of receipt, with the exception of state races when we are coming up to the state final. Those will be pulled ahead of the rest.

What does the asterisk (*) mean next to a rider’s name under the District Points?

The asterisk (*) is to notify our riders that they are currently within range of the NAG standings. Before the year end rankings are finalized, we will remove the NAG 1-10 riders.


I think my points are wrong?

Any rider with a point discrepancy may submit to the Sanction a detailed list of races and finishes earned. That list will be verified and returned to the rider. A rider must submit a list within 30 days after the point standings are posted on the website. Only the points for the past month will be checked. Points become final 30 days after being published on the website.

How do I go about changing one of my scores/points?

Ex: I took 1st place, but the moto sheets have me listed as 2nd place.

We have to go by the results that were submitted on the moto sheets by the track, until we hear otherwise from the Track Operator. We have a form that you can print out and have your Track Operator sign and re-submit to our office to make any corrections to the originally submitted moto sheets. Click here for the Race Result Change Form.

I just raced in at a National and it doesn’t look like I received all of my district points from the race. Shouldn’t I have more district points from the National?

A rider will be credited with the rider points immediately. The finish points are placed into a bonus point pool and with each single point race we enter the rider is credited with 5% of the bonus points. Once we have 20 single point races entered, all of the bonus points will have been credited and moving forward all district points from the National will be credited immediately for the rest of that specific season.

I am new to the sport and having trouble calculating the points. How do you add them up?

The easiest way to calculate points is to simply figure out what the total points would be if the race were just a single point race.

The point charts are listed in the rule book. The rule book can be found online or can be picked up at any local track. A rider will receive finish points corresponding to the point charts for their overall finish in their main event. In addition to the finish points, riders receive 1 point for every rider in their moto.

Ex: An Intermediate rider finishes 2nd place in a moto of 6 riders.
2nd Place finish Intermediate Points = 40 points
Rider Count for 6 Riders = 6 points
Add the two together: 40 + 6 = 46 points for the race.

If the race was a double point race, just take the 46 points you calculated and double them. (46 x 2 = 92 points) For a triple point race, figure out what the point total would be as a single point race and multiply the answer by three.

Are National Points awarded at the Gold Cup Finals?

There are no National Points awarded at the Gold Cup Finals. The Gold Cup Final weekend is for District points only. Friday is a Double point race, Saturday and Sunday are Quadruple district point races.


Will my number of wins start all over again when I have my birthday and start racing in a new age group? What about when the new season starts?

A rider’s wins will follow them throughout age changes and they carry over from year to year. The only time a rider’s wins will “reset to zero” is when they move up to a new skill level.
I have been out of racing for a while and I want to start back up again.

Can I come back as a Novice?

There is no reclassification back to the Novice skill level. The Novice class is reserved for riders brand new to the sport. If you were still a Novice at the time you stopped racing, you may return as a Novice with your previous Novice wins credited towards your advancement to Intermediate.


I received a notice that says “For Signature Only”. What do I need to do with it?

The notice is to inform you that a signature was missing off of either the front or back of the membership application or we did not receive the required signed waiver when you renewed online. In order for USABMX to send you a membership card, the front and the back of the application must be signed or the single sided waiver must be signed and returned to us. If you are a minor, the application will have to be signed by your parent or legal guardian.

You can turn the form into your local track, mail the signed application back to USABMX, PO Box 718 Chandler, AZ 85244, if you are over 18 and have an online profile, you can login and digitally sign the waiver or email the form back to (you can take a photo of it with your smart phone or scan it in). Once we receive the needed signatures, we will send your membership card right out.

The website doesn’t show my points, instead it says “SIG MISSING”

This means that when we processed the membership application one or both of the required signatures was missing OR when the membership was renewed online the waiver was not digitally signed. You can either login to the profile and digitally sign the waiver there (under Account the rider’s name will be in blue, just click on it and it will take you to the waiver) OR you can download the waiver from the website on the district point page, sign and email to

Where do I send the copy of my birth certificate? Do I have to send a copy each time I renew my membership?

You can either mail the copy of your birth certificate to USABMX, PO Box 718 Chandler, AZ 85244, email to or you can fax it to 480-961-1842. You will only need to submit a copy of your birth certificate once.
Can I renew my membership online?
Yes! We encourage all riders to use the Online Renewal process on our website. You can renew your membership through the Rider Profile.

Can I renew or over the phone?

No. We do not accept renewals over the phone due to the signatures needed on the application and we cannot issue you a receipt. You can renew online, or you can renew at your local track if you are planning on racing within the next few days.

When do I need to change my plate number?

Your membership must be current at the end of the racing season, 12/15, in order to be eligible for the year end ranking. Year end points will not be finalized until mid January at the earliest. At that time they will be posted on our website and in the Jan/Feb issue of the PULL magazine. The number to the left of the rider’s name will be their earned plate number for the new racing season. Until that time the rider will need to run his/her plate number from the last season.

Why is it that only one rider in my family receives PULL magazine?

PULL magazine is sent to the Family Member whom the full $60.00 membership fee is paid for. When a family member discount is taken the magazine subscription is not included. PULL subscription is a 10 issue a year publication, Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec are combined issues.

You may upgrade any membership to First Family member at any time by mailing in the difference in membership fees ($5.00 for Second Family Member and $10.00 for Third Family Member) to:

PO Box 718
Chandler, AZ 85244

Remember to include the name and USABMX serial number of the rider you are upgrading.

How can I purchase a digital copy of Pull Magazine and what are the benefits?

The digital edition of Pull magazine is released before the print version and features additional content that is not found in the print version. The digital version also makes it easier to share photos and articles with friends and family. You can purchase your copy by visiting

I have never been to a National event before. Do I need to qualify in order to race?

No. Any USABMX/BMX Canada member can come out and ride at the National events.

More information at the following places.

Check out the complete USA BMX Rulebook:

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