BB&B Podcast: Ep.17 – Bodi Turner #747 & Ep.18 Kamikazi – What a ride

2016 Australian BMX Olympian Bodi Turner

joins the boys for a chat that lifts the lid on the selection process at the elite level and indicates that it might need a little tweaking…. Recorded just prior to the announcement of the team that will represent Australia at the 2022 World BMX Championships in France, Bodi recalls both his recent races in Glasgow and Papendal, as well as the Olympic experience in 2016 in Rio where he admits that that race was at a level he was never expecting.

Now 6 years down the track since those Olympic games, Bodi also gives us a raw look into his ASADA suspension for failing the Whereabouts test for classified athletes who fall into the testing pool. Now in 2022, Bodi is still giving it his all as he is still a young buck, and even though he’s racing riders just like his younger self, he reckons he’s riding better than ever and is pushing harder to prove he still has the right stuff.

A great chat with an Aussie BMX good guy.

After a long and protracted negotiation period between the West and East Coast, we finally secured one of the OG BMX Olympians from the 2008 China Games. A true out and out character of the sport, Kama started late, but went hard. From the trying to outride the cops on the streets of Browns Plains, to staring down the barrel of guns in Brazil, BMX certainly took this lad to all corners of the globe.

KY and Kama open old wounds, rub salt into them, then wave the healing wand over them. If you want to hear the fairy tale, it ain’t here. Nothing but the truth your honour. An unfiltered look at BMX racing for a decade at the highest level from 1999 t0 2019. What a ride. * Warning. Adults themes and concepts in this brutally honest recount of a life on the road.

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