Lane 8 Podcast: Will Grant, success through struggle.

Here’s a fun fact about Will Grant: he grew up in the Olympic National Rain Forest in Washington State in a cabin. But, by the time he was 8 the family had moved to Florida. And by the time he was 10 he was fully committed to racing BMX. He turned pro at 16 and 3 months later he tore his ACL. That injury was part of a string of injuries that hampered his career. By the time he was 25 Will says he had pain everywhere. And then he met Jeremy Smith. He says Jeremy helped him focus. With Jeremy’s help Will started eating better, working on his mental and physical health and riding again. So far he hasn’t raced this year but says he’s planning on it. At this moment he’s putting all his energy into the BMX compound he and Jeremy are building here in Florida.

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