Mom’s Talk BMX Podcast

Welcome to Mom’s Talk BMX Podcast, we understand the sport of BMX can be a bit overwhelming, we get it and this is why we created the podcast. This is the place to be if you want to hear other mom’s points of view on the sport and learn more about BMX.

On this episode we sit down with one of the sweetest Mother/Son Duo Janie and Rayne Lankford. Jump into the lives of the Lankford’s, listen as Janie shares her view on BMX and watching her son go from a 6-year-old in the sport to a Pro. Rayne shares his goals and what lead him to Florida to follow his goal of becoming a Pro.

You may know her as Barry Nobles wife or Willow’s Mom, join us as we sit down with the one and only Kelsie Nobles. Kelsie lets us in on her life, what is like to be married to Barry and traveling for BMX, traveling with a toddler, the van life and her hacks to stay healty and fit. This is one episode you don’t want to miss!!

We listened the much-anticipated Episode is here. Our new concept RoundTable consist of a few other Moms join us for some Mom’s Talk, includes family, questions and of course BMX. In this Episode Amanda Hoffman, Darleen Wilson and Deyanna Matt join us. This one is a good time girls chat you all don’t want to miss.

Knowing how to read a Moto Sheet will set you and your kids up for race success. All the information you need to know about when your kid will race is all posted on the Moto Sheet. Listen as we discuss both paper and online Moto Sheets, what information is on them and how we as moms keep everything straight. Share this one will all the new families at your track!

The USA BMX Website is loaded with all the information you need. Check out this episode to hear why we use it and what is our favorite area of the site! Dive into the USA BMX Website with us and see if you are update on all the areas!

The How to episode: How to find a track, register for a race, pay for a race, and find points. This is episode is the one you want to share with all the new families at your local track. We wanted to take a step back and bring everyone to the beginning, see how things have changed and what you can expect if you are new. We hope you enjoy! Come find us on Facebook

@Mom’s Talk BMX.

In this Episode we break down the BMX Rules from the Rule book and a few we have picked up along the way. Rules are important to pay attention to and inform your kids.

In this episode the mom’s sit down and interview Chad and Benna Grace also known as Mr. & Mrs. Pump Pump. Listen to this dynamic husband and wife team, hear how they got started in BMX and how they run a track, announce at the Florida State BMX races, support kids and each other.

Just getting started in BMX, needing a little help learning about BMX Race Bikes? Wondering what is a BMX Freestyle or trick bike? In this episode we sit down with Tim Schulte and discuss BMX Bikes the frames, wheels, hubs, handlebars and so much more. Listen as us MOMs learn a bit more about BMX Bikes and how some simple knowledge can set your kid up for success.

In this episode we sit down and talk to the OG Mom of BMX Alice Bixler! Come listen to the story of BMX in her own words from then and now, over 50 years of BMX knowledge. Alice shares her heart for the sport and opens our eyes to the future of BMX.

As you hear Alice’s heart and her tears over a very special opportunity she was given, the Alice Bixler Scholarship.

In this episode we all take you back in time to hear how we all got involved with BMX.

You will now see why we are all so passionate about the sport and excited to share our knowledge with you.

In this episode we discuss the definition of BMX and what BMX means to each of us. Each host points out how BMX has impacted their families and them personally.

Come learn more about why we created the Mom’s Talk BMX Podcast and what we have in store for you!

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