BB&B Podcast: Ep.23 David Graf ~ Life post BMX (it’s still BMX) and the secrets of the hacksaw and zero offset fork!

Two time Olympian AND World Cup winner Mr David Graf joins the Boys from a undisclosed location where no matter hard you try, you’ll never get an advantage from a tailwind. This Swiss genius dumps all his racing secrets during this epic podcast that might just be our best to date (that bar is really low, we know)! We knew he was a thinker and a tinkerer, but boy did we have our eyes opened up and immediately after we finished recording, KY got out the hacksaw and cut his bars down to 24 inches in an attempt to beat the laws of physics and carve through the air like a Euro fighter! Dave recaps his career and his theories of speed as he attempted to gain the edge down the hill. If you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts are “what gearing will save nine thousands of a second of my hill time?”, then you are going to have your mind blown during this breakdown of fork offset and bike set up.We go deep down the mental rabbit hole of the emotional rollercoaster a rider rides throughout the day of racing a World Cup, World Championship, and Olympics and David really opens up how that journey for him changed as his experience grew at that level. His honesty and openness is a lesson for us all at any level and totally relatable.

He also reveals that he’s been listening to our podcast and has been taking notes to apply to his new role of Swiss National BMX coach. He also reveals an incredible statistic of Swiss BMX and their achievements, despite a rider count for the country that is on par with one of the biggest clubs in Oz! Did we say already that we think this is one of our best? Massive thanks to David again for his time and there are plenty of lessons for parents of youngsters on development, and how to take a kid from 10years old to the Olympics.

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