Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Raul Gomez, surviving and thriving

Raul Gomez is Florida through and through. He got into BMX because his uncle used to race BMX. In fact his uncle took him to his first race. Raul got 2nd in his first race. He says it didn’t take long for him to move up to expert. Raul says what helped him progress so quickly was participating in other sports but also riding his bike a lot with friends. He raced his first national at 15. Raul says for the first year he was the kid known as 5th in semis. But once he advanced to his first main things just clicked. At the age of 20 he took a 7 year break from racing. He ended up getting married and
having two kids. By the time he was 23 years old he was divorced and raising two kids.
Raul says he was simply adulting during this time. But it was a friend he worked with who was interested in racing BMX. So, he dusted off his bike and went to the track with him. That’s all he needed to get the spark back for racing. In 2011 he faced his biggest challenge to date, cancer. He beat it and soon after began training again to race. Eventually he would turn vet pro, re-classify, and go on a run of wins in 46-50 expert. He would retire from racing in 2017 but he didn’t put down the bike. Raul bought a dirt jumper and kick it on some downhill mountain bike trails. At the moment he’s hitting big jumps and heading on trips with friends like Shawn Diprete.

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