Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Simon Marquart, 2022 Elite World Champion

Simon Marquart comes from a cycling family. His mom and dad were professional mountain bikers. He started riding a bike at three years old. By the time he was 4 he’d already done his first BMX race. But the current world champion actually missed his first main ever. Missing that main is still a sore spot with him. Racing as an amateur in Switzerland and around Europe Simon says he did quite well. He says he wasn’t the most skilled rider. But what he lacked in skill he made up for in work ethic. Simon believes it’s what has helped him achieve his goal of becoming elite world champion. He would eventually join the UCI Center in Aigle, Switzerland. Liam Phillips, the former British pro is his coach. You’ll be surprised at how basic Simon’s training is. Here’s something you may not know, Simon is the first Swiss rider to win a World Cup. And when it comes to his World’s win it’s cool to hear about his mindset on the day in Nantes, France. During this episode you’ll also hear about what Simon is like off the bike and what he plans to do once he retires.

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