BB&B Podcast: Ep.25 The Boys are doing just FINE. Thanks for asking.

KY cops a BMX fine for being too fast and the Boys vow at the start of the episode to only briefly refer to the matter, then rabbit on about it ad nauseam. Of course there’s discussion about what BMX means to the both of them deep down and how they wish that USABMX could just appear Downunder and start a contra league. A BMX league where you’re welcomed, and the rider is the focus of the show. Where the only #PBs are the lap times and not how fast the mob can run a moto and high-five each other when they see the 40+ crew laying on the ground in search of oxygen. But then there’s the good stuff, you legends dipping into their pockets to support the podcast team and grassroots BMX. You’re all deadset champs, every single one of you the messaged us, and/or donated. Brought a tear to our eye.

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