Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Jim Bramer, NAG 1 Cruiser 51-55

Jim Bramer recently accomplished his goal of becoming NAG #1 in the 51-55 cruiser class at Grands. He earned it. It’s a huge accomplishment over a long career of BMX that started in 1981 at South Park BMX track in Pennsylvania. As the years went by he stopped away from BMX. He grew up, got married, and moved away from Pennsylvania. By 2009 he was back in the thick of it when it came to racing. Jim and his wife were criss crossing the country with their boys having fun and chasing points. Jim says it didn’t take him long to get that winning feeling back. He however take a long time to clip in. He eventually started team Thunder and his wife Rhonda started running South Park BMX track. Black Crown factory team was soon to follow.This years Grands was a difficult one but Jim was able to focus and do what he’s done all year…win! RivalsIn 1973 Chrissie Evert and Martina Navratilova met on a tennis court in Ohio.

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