Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Greg Turnage, reflections on a great career

Greg Turnage started racing in 1973. He simply wanted to be like his motocross heroes. Greg’s mom wasn’t to happy about his choice in sports so he turned to the bike. He had a Schwinn cotton picker. Then he had to convince his dad to miss church on Sunday’s. He was able to convince his dad and took 2nd in his very first race. Two years later a track opened up in Vallejo, California and his racing took off. He says back then local racing was king. He got his first of many pictures in BMXA magazine while racing the top guys in the 16 over open class.

Greg says during that time in the 70’s there was immense competition between Southern and Northern California riders. Surprisingly his racing career came to a halt because of bad grades. It would be just over two years before he would line up in a gate. Eventually he started TK racing. . .AKA Turnage Kreations. Greg’s pro career lasted from 1980-1987. He came back to racing in the late 2000’s because of friend Brian Simmons and Bay Area BMX. Since then he’s enjoyed great success on and off the track. I hope you enjoy this interview because I surely did. 

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