Freestyle Friday: S23 – E15

📺 Videos from the worlds of Flatland, Street, Park, Dirt Jump, Slopestyle & Trials

The Best Trick jam at the BMX Triple Challenge always has the riders pushing the limits of what can be done on a BMX bike. The Glendale, AZ stop was no different. Double flip yourself over to the play button to watch some first T’s and NBDs

Thanks to Snafu and Hyper BMX for making this contest coverage possible

Following on from the success of Do a Wheelie, we go behind the scenes of Danny’s ambitious project to celebrate everyone’s favourite trick: THE WHEELIE. Can Danny bring his own flare to this iconic skill and land an ambitious new stunt, the wheelie front flip?

Danny MacAskill (@Danny_MacAskill)
Hans Rey (@Hansnowayrey)
Viola Brand (@Violalovescycling)
Send It Brad (@senditbrad)
Nay Whaaat ( @naywhaaat)
Lil Spartan
Ali Clarkson (@Ali_Clarkson)
And friends

‘Danny MacAskill’s Wheelie Project’ is a @CutMedia production
With thanks to adidas @fiveten

00:00 Introduction
00:49 The Wheelie Kids
04:33 Why is the Wheelie Iconic?
06:37 Viola Brand
09:28 Hans Ray
13:20 Ali Clarkson
15:05 The Wheelie Big Scene
16:04 The Wheelie Front Flip

Here’s the best way to learn how to back wheel hop on your bike. You don’t need a specific bike to do it – anything with a back brake will get the job done!

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