Supercross BMX: BMX History – Bike Shops and Why you NEED them!

You NEED a Bike Shop in your Life. That is a fact, and in todays BMX History we will tell you why.

We know Bill can get a little long winded, and he goes on these rants about BMX History, he forgets about how old he is. But today’s BMX History is a little lesson on why you NEED a Bike shop in your life. S&S Bikes in Pflugerville ( not Round Rock as Bill so eloquently flubbed in the video ) isn’t around any longer, but is in the hearts of every BMXer of the 80’s and 90’s as should be your local bike shop.

( Bill Speaking – If it weren’t for Gary and Pam at Dad’s Bike Barn (… ) in Redondo Beach , I don’t know if I would of stuck with BMX for all these years, they had all the great stuff and made it easy for us little BMX delinquents to buy the BMX parts we needed to get to the track.

Links to shops mentioned in this video – ( and a couple that were left on the editing room floor )
Bike Alley –
Northwest BMX –
Goods BMX –
Full Tilt BMX –
Kegels Bike Shop –

( Please note ALL of these have a brick and mortar shop that you can stop in and see them and say hello, bring them a Burrito or Pizza and have them fix your bike, there are a TON of other BMX Bike Shops that we didn’t get to include, trust us we wanted to mention you ALL , we will do another video talking about them, but until then, please visit the Dealer Locator on )

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